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  • fisher price little people
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  • ant from celebrity fit club
  • sangria with cinnamon red-hots
  • tapas
  • quentin tarantino
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  • merryvale starmont cabernet savignon
  • baby carrots
  • first class seating on usair
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August 02, 2010



That's pretty amazing.


Amazing. I always wondered what would be found in those tiles one day. I do like your romantic notions BUT did you ever think Herbert went by his middle name - Phil?

Sorry to rain on your parade! I can't wait to see the transformation!


Even cooler that you found the ring behind the "used razorblades" tile!

I can't believe back in the day you could just chuck the used up sharps into a whole in your wall.


I'm sure Phil and or Vera would not be able to see what is transcribed. I didn't even know there was one! (tiny)

And.... is it the whole hole in the wall??


What an amazing story! We should track those peeps down!!


Amazing story!


Too cool!

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One thing that we do is pancakes on Saturday morning - a tradition that we really wanted to do with the kiddos. Is there any chance you have a recipe for pancakes without eggs or milk (tall order...I know). I did find a website that sells box mixes, but since they are already more expensive, and I have to pay shipping, it would be nice if I can find a recipe I can make at home.

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