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August 14, 2010



I RSVP'ed but twas apparently lame


We can hear those people sucking all the way in Atlanta. We would have totally RSVP'd and left our kid with you, the bounce house and Mt. Dew...IF WE WERE INVITED!!!


I RSVP'd but Very Rudely!! did not thank you for the invitation! Too many years of working at home/being unemployed have made me into a social disgrace. So thank you for asking (via Twitter), and again, I'm sorry I couldn't make it!

Rebecca (RR94)


I RVL (responded very late) only because I have a houseful of inlaws and a kids' birthday party, and I beg Jen's forgiveness for my massive lameness.


Your party was great! Thanks for everything, especially the cheese from Trader Joe's oh.... and the sangria, too!!!


please bring some of that cheese to OBX!!! Sounds fantastico.


referenced the word "ghetto". and you live in the whitest town in amerika?
bad choice of words dearie.

Charles Kinney

Boring married gay couple in Norway, half American, half Norsk (one from Buffalo!)...absolutely amusing blog! God I miss WNY. Keep up the good work!

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If you came, I hope you had fun. I heard the music was pretty cool. Too bad it apparently slipped my mind that my child would no way in hell want to leave the backyard, full of Mountain Dew in cans, and am honest to God bouncehouse to wallk 3/4 of a mile down the street in the dark to hear music from a band that was super-cool back when his mom was still learning how to French-kiss boys.

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coconut juice... the best remedy for hangovers. You should try it.

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