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April 25, 2010


Peeved Michelle

When I was in Weight Watchers and this would happen, they would say to go back to the beginning. Write everything down. Weigh and measure everything. Bad habits creep back in.


One time when I was struggling at WW, they told me to go back and look at what I ate when I first started the program - when I was trying really hard and was losing steadily.


I'll tell you what . . . I need to lose a hell of a lot more weight than you do. Shall we make it a contest? You want to lose another 20 lbs. I need to lose 50. Whoever loses it first gets something wonderful. Shall we discuss?


I forget where I read this, but a woman was talking about trying to stay at her goal weight and she described it as, "trying to keep a beach ball underwater."

I do think our body has set points and different people's are set in different places. If you can get away with 185, and be stable you might be happier than battling down to your goal weight.

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