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March 15, 2010



Wait...didn't you try to hide the cornfield part of the story from dad until he opened up the hood and saw cornstalks sticking out? too funny


Note to self: Do not eat or drink while reading Jen's blogs. I always laugh out loud. Thanks for a good laugh on a crappy, rainy Monday here in Boston.


Cheers to the smart ass 16 y.o. in both you and AJ!


I don't remember you getting the car back. It was still in Nissan's lot with cornstalks coming out of the hood. It's wonderful that we can laugh about it now! AJ is pretty funny!!

Gina Daley

OK, I was one of the friends IN the car as it FLEW into the cornfield. I think we all left a little mark in our pants that night! Do you remember my father coming to pick us up in the police station? He was easy to spot, the man with his sweatpants on backwards! Thanks for the giggle today.
I just may have to meet your 'little' neighbor! ;)

Penny Geist

Haha, I wrecked my dad's Nissan Altima the first day I got it. The accelerator got stuck and I hit a tree. My dad didn't get angry. In fact, he was so worried about me. Good thing the car is a bit old and he didn't worry about it too much.

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