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things i like

  • fisher price little people
  • vitamin water
  • my new red corduroy storage ottoman
  • ant from celebrity fit club
  • sangria with cinnamon red-hots
  • tapas
  • quentin tarantino
  • my iPhone
  • merryvale starmont cabernet savignon
  • baby carrots
  • first class seating on usair
  • kate spade handbags

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July 20, 2009



That's great! However I don't like it $149.99 worth (or $49.99). But if one were somewhat talented...which I'm not...


wait! I'll hit the dollar store to find me a gnome and rummage for some metal to twist up and mold to creat a masterpiece for your garden, but I'll only charge you $140. How does that sound?!


but wait... wouldn't you rather have the Zombie of Montclaire Moors? Do people really buy this crap?!!

SkyMall Joey

The Zombie is one of our top sellers right now!


I think you should forget about the bottlecap trays and enter into the world of alien gnomes. Probably much easier to make and since it's in SkyMall, that means there's a huge demand for them. If you could make the aliens look less Pac-manish I'll be the first order.


that's hilarious. you could totally make one for cheaper though. and by you, i mean, you, crafty chick.


I think it's hilarious. I might have to try my hand at making one.

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