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May 12, 2009



You are awesome. Life is hard. Going to Chuck E. Cheese will make it worse, tho...


oh jen, i feel the same way. i don't work full time but feel soooo overwhelmed most days. i wonder the same thing, how full-time working moms keep it all together. your blog made me feel better today b/c i am having one of those days and now i feel like i am not the only one out there. so keep up the great job. i think it gets easier...some day. and btw, you look fab. i can't believe how different even your face looks!!!


We all snap, just some may not acknowledge that it happens. Sit back with a good book and all the good and bad will still be there when your done read'in. Wed. was my "break" down day when Tom was traveling every week. I knew it was coming or that I "might" have a bad day. It's much better now but I still have pangs of guilt over some of my antics.
You are a great mom, you love your family and you get to start fresh every day!


you're doing a great job - Will is a wonderful child!

Mary Beth Martini-Lyons

Preach sistah!

Hang in there girlie. I hear it gets better. Plus you look terrific!

Full time worker, mother of a four year old


Work full time and raised 3, all of whom are now in college. Alcohol is key.


No lives are perfect, we ladies all want our lives to be perfect, so we stretch out our wings around everyone and everything we do and love, protect them, grow them, love them, we get very tired sometimes. Give yourself a break. The fact that you are questioning yourself is half the battle. I raised three children, still married to the same man, and worked full/part time. It's hard, but we wouldn't have it any other way momma.


love the montage. you are gorgeous! i'd be a complete psycho without wine... and running... and i only have a cocker spaniel.


Unrelated to this post, but related to you: I bought a dress at TJ Maxx this weekend. Super cute flirty summery dress. As I was hanging it up at home, I noticed the tag: Tweeds!

I had never even heard of them before you. :)


Hell, I feel like at any given moment, everything could fall apart and I only work 20 hours a week. I only have one child in school and I feel like I am constantly forgetting to sign forms, practice vocab words, show up for bake sales and all of the crap that goes with school. What will i do when they are all 3 in school? I am always feeling completely overwhelmed and if i didn't have my nightly glass of wine? Phew, I don't want to know. We are all feeling it, so don't feel alone. You do the best you can and that's got to be enough. Thank god for awesome family, right?


I am not married, no kids and I broke down today too. It happens to everyone. I have no idea how working full time mommies do it. My sister in law relies a lot on my borther, who relies on my mother and me! So it takes a village I guess.

Michael Powers

You're doing fine. The art of cutting oneself some much needed slack is art we all to work on when it comes to the whole work/parent/health thingy

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