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June 13, 2008



I'm glad your Dad drove you. The idea of you driving yourself concerned me.

I'm sending good thoughts your way and will be ready for small quantities of margaritas whenever you are. Hey, Jen14221 can now always be the designated driver while shows off her new size 10 figure. Sweet.


No pics of stab wounds, please!

Good to hear that you're home. Rest up!!


Love that you are home and doing well.....I'm with meribon - and enjoy the rest, take it slow, there is no need to go crazy and rush've waited this long, don't F it up now!!


Glad to hear you are home and feeling better. Take it day by day and don't rush things.


I was very worried about you as I read through this post. I was relieved that you are feeling better, though. Hang in there. BTW: in case you don't know, Crystal Light makes a hydration water version of those little packets you can add to water bottles. It's pretty tasty and it actually helps somewhat with hydration.

Good luck!


Sounds like after a Caesarian ;) Glad to know you're feeling human again. I like the pink lemonade Crystal Light. And those packets for the 20 oz bottles? Yeah they're cool and they have lots of new flavors too.

And get the pina colada, strawberry daiquiri and margarita flavored Jellos.


I am so glad you are feeling better. You did it! Hopefully it will get easier.

One Wink

All the best to you and wishes for a quick recovery :-)

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