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  • fisher price little people
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  • ant from celebrity fit club
  • sangria with cinnamon red-hots
  • tapas
  • quentin tarantino
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  • merryvale starmont cabernet savignon
  • baby carrots
  • first class seating on usair
  • kate spade handbags

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November 17, 2007



Jen, was the purse like this?


I too had a yellow walkman.
But uh, your purse on the stove? Nuts.


Wow! You are the biggest Kate Spade fan EVA!


Dear sweet Jesus you have a lot of bags. But at least they are all totally awesome ;)


Loved this post!

I bought two Lulu Guinness handbags (or are they purses?) on eBay in the past year. I just got it in my head that I had to have at least one (and then two). Maybe I'll photograph them today and post them.

I have a bunch of Nine West ones. I really miss my faux Chanel quilted bag (black) with the heavy strap. I don't know what happened to it. Since it was faux, something probably broke on it.


Ha Ha! I guess that explains why I get so many blog hits for "Pappagallo Purse" -- great post.


Still have my Pappagallo - you can borrow it any time you want (still has my middle school locker combo sticker in it too!) Still have all the custom made covers my mom made (with my name on them) and you're right - Vicki always noticed if you didn't have the original of anything (especially the Izod's before they bacame LaCoste)


I really love the *fake* Kate Spade bag...interested in giving it up?


Nicole: You bet. Free to a good home.


Seriously? I love it! I am a wierdo for imposter design bags when I can get my hands on them for next to nothing (or in this case nothing). Where do we go from here?

Not telling

Send me your address: My e-mail is and I'll ship off a little bitty early holiday gifty to you!


Sent you my address via personal mail! Thanks so much and HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Add some elegant pieces to your collection.
Chanel, LV, Tods & Bottega Veneta would be much better than Kate Spade (Waspy).


Hi. I have just bought a Burberry handbag from ebay and was searching the internet for the style name. Surprisingly enough, the burberry Peter bought you in London is the same style I just purchased :) I was sure the bag was authentic but after seeing your photo - I was reassured!
Thank you :)

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