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April 14, 2005



Ahem..I beg to differ! A fabulous Stop and Shop recently opened in has a zillion (clean) "car" carts...a must-have for those of us with TWO kids. And it has a Dunkin' Donuts in it, too!!!


I believe Martins & Tops R owned by the same parent company. They opened Martins in Rochester 1st. Tops was starting to go downhill and they needed an image change. I know in other towns (Cleveland) the other chains are favored over TOPS. Here in WNY - I really think Wegmans is the clear winner.


You stealing from the bulk section.

I envision something along the lines of Jane's Addiction, "Been Caught Stealing" video...


The Star Market on Commonwealth had people to put the groceries in your car for you. That was the greatest Supermarket in the world.


I had a Martin's where I used to live and I absolutely loved it and still miss it two years later. I have Meijer, Kroger and Farmer Jack all within a 5 mile radius but if a Martins was 20 miles away I would drive there. Although, if I had a toddler I probably wouldn't:)


8 miles...I am driving over 30 today to get to my shopping center that has the lowest prices in the world. I will also drive long distances for Costco...but not as often.

Many members of my family shop at Trader Joe's on the west coast and while it is interesting, they just charge too much for their food. We have a place here that is called Fresh Market and I like to go in there every once in a while to get sushi, deli stuff or, is a great picnic supply kind of place (reminds me a bit of Trader Joe's) but I would never shop there everyday...way to expensive...but it rates well on the quaint factor.


mmmmm Wegmans..... one opened not too far from my apartment down here in VA, but it's not metro accessable & I don't own a car. It's like being *this close* to an oasis but not being able to reach it.

I used to live right next door to Trader Joe's and worked at it for about 6 months... love the Trader Joe's.

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