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  • fisher price little people
  • vitamin water
  • my new red corduroy storage ottoman
  • ant from celebrity fit club
  • sangria with cinnamon red-hots
  • tapas
  • quentin tarantino
  • my iPhone
  • merryvale starmont cabernet savignon
  • baby carrots
  • first class seating on usair
  • kate spade handbags

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March 16, 2005



It was your first year, don't be hard on yourself about not making any money. You have to start somewhere. You're a smart girl, I'm sure if you put your mind to it, you could make a living doing what you love. I would love to be my own boss and have my own business too. The difference between us is, you got off your butt and started one, I haven't.
Anyone reading this should be sure to have a link to, help a girl out. I'm sure she would do the same.


Lovely lovely blue and silver bracelet/necklace! Hope the baby is better. My dream is to also work from home but alas got the same circumstances as you.


You've got yourself a plug. Good luck.


I love love love your stuff, unfortunately after being unemployed for the last 11/15 months of my life, I am unable to spend ANY extra $$$!

Someday! Someday!!!

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